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バンクトラックがDodgy Deal(問題融資)の世界Mapを公開、日本の大手行も(BankTrack)

2011-02-17 20:12:26

BankTrackのDodgy Deal とは、地域コミュニティや環境、人権に問題を引き起こすと考えられるプロジェクトや企業に対する、銀行の投融資をフォローするものである。日本の3メガバンクも登場しています。Mapから探してみてください。


バンクトラックはマップの公表と共に、マダガスカルのタールサンド開発事業、米カナダ間のタールサンドパイプライン、カナダのパイプライン計画の3つの事業をDodgy Dealに追加した。

 BankTrack launches Dodgy Deal World Map;Three new tar sand deal profiles released todayNijmegen, February 15, 2011BankTrack today launches the Dodgy Deal map, a new tool to present the involvement of private sector banks in the worldwide financing of controversial deals and companies.

The world map allows visitors to select a specific bank and/or a specific sector and see the involvement of this bank in projects and companies that BankTrack considers problematic (‘dodgy’) for their impact on communities, environment or human rights. Each deal or company has its own extensive file with background information attached.The map will be continuously updated with new cases that are brought to the attention of BankTrack by its members and local working partners.  

Three such cases, all related to tar sand exploration, were also released today:1) Madagascar Tar Sands; this deal looks into two of Madagascar’s most developed tar sand exploration projects, named Bemolanga and Tsimiroro, both located in the western Melaky region of Mahajanga province. The project are operated by Madagascar oil and Total.

2) Keystone XL Pipeline (Canada & US); this deal focuses on a project proposed by Transcanada to build a 36-inch, 1,700 mile pipeline, which would carry 900,000 barrels of Tar Sands oil from Hardisy, Alberta to Port Arthur, Texas.

3) itEnbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines (Canada); this dodgy deal focuses on a project involving the construction and operation of two pipelines going from Bruderheim Alberta, to a new marine terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia. The pipeline is operated by Enbridge Inc. and Sinopec.

We expect that the map will be of help to the work of analysts, fund managers, financial media, environmental and human rights campaigners and other observers of the banking industry.

You can find the map at http://www.banktrack.org/dodgydealmap

Feedback on the tool much appreciated at jora@banktrack.org